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Dentistry for Infants – Denver, CO

Give Your Child’s Smile the Best Possible Beginning

Oral health is essential from the first day your baby comes into the world. Sadly, though, many parents do not take their child to the dentist as soon as they should. Here at Wash Park Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Patrick and our team want your precious young one to enjoy excellent oral health from the very beginning of their life. That is why we offer a range of services that can benefit even the youngest smiles.

Why Choose Wash Park Pediatric Dentistry for Dentistry for Infants?

Your Child’s First Appointment

Mom cleaning baby’s gums

Your child should have their first dental appointment before they turn one year old, or about six months after their first tooth erupts. At this appointment, your baby can sit in your lap while our team assesses the state of their teeth and jaw. If we notice any problems, or we see signs that your child may experience future oral health issues, we will explain such concerns to you in detail. The appointment will probably last less than one hour, but it is still an important milestone in your baby’s development.

Fluoride Treatment

Studies have shown that fluoride is essential in the development of teeth, and it plays a key role in preventing cavities. That is why you should brush your baby’s teeth with fluoride toothpaste (infants don’t need more than a dab of toothpaste the size of a grain of rice). If we determine that your little one would benefit from an extra boost of fluoride, we may prescribe a supplement.


baby sticking tongue out

The sooner tongue tie is treated, the better. If your baby has difficulty breastfeeding or is exhibiting other signs that they are suffering from tongue tie, bring them to our office. Dr. Patrick may perform a frenectomy, which is a simple procedure that snips the piece of tissue that binds the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. The tongue can then move freely, which will prevent many future oral health problems and encourage proper jaw development.

Guidance for Parents

baby sucking on fingers

Naturally, you have questions about how best to care for your child’s teeth and gums as they grow. Dr. Patrick and our team are always ready to listen to your concerns and give you personalized guidance. In addition to the basics of oral care for children, we may provide you with information about topics such as:

Non-Nutritive Habits

Many children suck on their fingers or thumb for comfort. For infants, this is not usually a problem. However, if the habit persists for too long, it can have negative effect on oral health. If you have questions about how you can encourage your little one to naturally grow out of such habits, feel free to ask us!


Teething can be painful and stressful for parents and babies alike. To make the process easier on your both, we can offer some insightful suggestions. For example, we might advise you to use cool teething rings or to give your baby chilled fruit.

Your baby’s smile is of vital importance. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve as your trustworthy, skilled dentist for toddles and babies in Denver. 

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